Great Apple style Bluetooth buds

By Reinaldo Yung on 8 Mar. 2016

I wrote a sellers review of this but I love these earbuds. I was looking for Bluetooth earbuds like my Apple factory ones and these are it. I have tried other earbuds but I just like the comfortable fit of the Apple ones. Sound is comparable to the factory Aplle ones. I don’t work out with these just for casually listening to music.


My picky dad loves these!

A Review By Lori.H:

My dad has been wanting a pair of Bluetooth headphones for a while now, but he is extremely picky and will only wear the “Apple type ear pod” ones.
I was thrilled to find this pair that seemed to be everything he has been wanting. He gets the ear pod that is most comfortable for him, as well as the freedom of Bluetooth.
We can hear each other perfectly on phone calls when he uses them, and he also likes how long the battery has lasted.
We are both very happy with the purchase.