Great wireless earbuds

A review by on January 11, 2017

High quality sound providing buds fit well in ear (very Apple-like. In line control bar features +\- volume plus on/off … Bluetooth linking is intuitive (ez and stable).
Auto speech takeover upon receipt of phone call (nice).
Bundled with great extras (case, ear hoox, collar clip, charge cable). Hoox lowers base response however). Decent battery life (5 hours, approx). Will need head band to keep in place while exercising (opinion)

Buy these, you can’t lose one.

A reveiw by on December 30, 2016

I love the Apple ear pods and have been wanting a Bluetooth version for a long time. They are the only ones that fit in my ear well. Note: I am a blind person who travels with a seeing eye dog and also uses GPS. It’s important for me to have a set of earphones that allows me to hear what’s around me. Ear pods do this perfectly so I can use GPS to tell me where I am. When I saw the BT Waves product for this amazing price I was quite skeptical however when I received them and started using them They were more then I hoped. They really are ear pods with a wire connecting the two. The Bluetooth is solid and has quite a range. The pairing to multiple devices works extraordinarily well. What I love is I don’t have to switch to each device. They’re both active so I can use either. My fear with the new air pods that just came out is I might lose one of them. The BT Waves product in my opinion is an excellent choice for those who want Apple style phones but don’t want to worry about losing them. Also, tech support is consistently excellent. It will take a day to receive an answer to an inquiry but it’s worth the wait. Alison Moore has been the person responding to my questions and has offered clear and concise answers. It’s nice to have this kind of support from a company. So, if you want apple style ear pods and are afraid of losing an air pod buy the BT Waves product. It sounds great, offers excellent tech support from the company and really! you can’t lose one.