Fits my tiny ears, no cord and good sound.

Great Lower Cost Alternative to Apple Airpods!

A review by on March 30, 2017

These are a great wireless alternative to Apple earbuds! I was looking into the new wireless ones from Apple, because their earbuds are the only ones that don’t fall out while I’m running or exercising. But the Apple Airpods cost is insane. These are very similar to the earbuds. They did fall out a few times initially, but they come with little rubber hooks that you fit over them, and they hook to the inside fold of your ear, and voila! Perfect! Sound is great and very easy to connect to both my iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2

headphones are great, sound is good and when receiving calls the …

A review by on March 20, 2017

headphones are great, sound is good and when receiving calls the other person can hear you well. The earbuds stay in place while running and I’ve found that they last about 4 hours before I need to recharge them. They come with a case so you have a place to put them for storage and safety. Had a concern about my first pair not connecting properly and I sent the company a text and they responded within 24 hours, their customer service is excellent I was sent another pair and they work great. Would recommend to anyone looking for bluetooth earbuds.

comfortable and priced correctly

on February 8, 2017

I’ve been looking for a headset of this sort for months. I wanted comething well made, comfortable and priced correctly. This one meets all that. It mimics the Apple earbuds, but goes a step further by including silicone covers for each earbud that adds a measure of comfort and security. The small, semi hard, travel case is perfect and a nice surprise. I like this so much I bought two.

Great wireless earbuds

A review by on January 11, 2017

High quality sound providing buds fit well in ear (very Apple-like. In line control bar features +\- volume plus on/off … Bluetooth linking is intuitive (ez and stable).
Auto speech takeover upon receipt of phone call (nice).
Bundled with great extras (case, ear hoox, collar clip, charge cable). Hoox lowers base response however). Decent battery life (5 hours, approx). Will need head band to keep in place while exercising (opinion)

Buy these, you can’t lose one.

A reveiw by on December 30, 2016

I love the Apple ear pods and have been wanting a Bluetooth version for a long time. They are the only ones that fit in my ear well. Note: I am a blind person who travels with a seeing eye dog and also uses GPS. It’s important for me to have a set of earphones that allows me to hear what’s around me. Ear pods do this perfectly so I can use GPS to tell me where I am. When I saw the BT Waves product for this amazing price I was quite skeptical however when I received them and started using them They were more then I hoped. They really are ear pods with a wire connecting the two. The Bluetooth is solid and has quite a range. The pairing to multiple devices works extraordinarily well. What I love is I don’t have to switch to each device. They’re both active so I can use either. My fear with the new air pods that just came out is I might lose one of them. The BT Waves product in my opinion is an excellent choice for those who want Apple style phones but don’t want to worry about losing them. Also, tech support is consistently excellent. It will take a day to receive an answer to an inquiry but it’s worth the wait. Alison Moore has been the person responding to my questions and has offered clear and concise answers. It’s nice to have this kind of support from a company. So, if you want apple style ear pods and are afraid of losing an air pod buy the BT Waves product. It sounds great, offers excellent tech support from the company and really! you can’t lose one.

… wireless headphones already and finally found the one I like the best

on November 13, 2016

I bought so many wireless headphones already and finally found the one I like the best! This headphone is just like the Apple one, which is the only one I like. I don’t like the one that you usually stick inside the ear and it sounds like your under the water (when use for talking) I recommend this 100%! Love it….Love it….

Really happy with my purchase, bought another set!!

A review by A. Pulido on October 18, 2016


Happy with my purchase overall. I think they’re a bit too pricey for their make but sound quality is good, connectivity is easy and volume is higher than I expected. They fit inside my ear just as the Apple ear pods do except that the stem seems to be a bit thicker.

I purchased an additional set, one for work and one for home. Noise cancelling is awesome! Battery life has been about 4 – 5 hours and they charge at a rate of about half their usage (use them for an hour, charge them for 30 minutes to full). Customer service is also awesome, they’re covered under a 2 year warranty. Up to 5 stars from my previous 4.


… received these about 2 wks ago & I absolutely love them! Great sound with great volume

A review by Merriv on April 18, 2016



 I received these about 2 wks ago & I absolutely love them! Great sound with great volume, & are very comfortable to wear. They actually exceeded my expectations! I just needed something that had good sound, & was lightweight to wear while on the go, without a cord to get in the way of doing things. These are perfect! Very easy set up too. I would (& have already) recommend these to anyone looking for high quality Bluetooth ear buds. You won’t be disappointed!

Great Apple style Bluetooth buds

By Reinaldo Yung on 8 Mar. 2016

I wrote a sellers review of this but I love these earbuds. I was looking for Bluetooth earbuds like my Apple factory ones and these are it. I have tried other earbuds but I just like the comfortable fit of the Apple ones. Sound is comparable to the factory Aplle ones. I don’t work out with these just for casually listening to music.


My picky dad loves these!

A Review By Lori.H:

My dad has been wanting a pair of Bluetooth headphones for a while now, but he is extremely picky and will only wear the “Apple type ear pod” ones.
I was thrilled to find this pair that seemed to be everything he has been wanting. He gets the ear pod that is most comfortable for him, as well as the freedom of Bluetooth.
We can hear each other perfectly on phone calls when he uses them, and he also likes how long the battery has lasted.
We are both very happy with the purchase.