Good for the price

on August 25, 2017

I’ve been using these for about 2 months now, so feel like I can give a decent review on functionality (other than longevity). For what they cost, I think the are a good product. I use these around the house, but also wanted to run with them.

Sound quality is good for music and podcasts (I’m not that picky), and they connect easily to the phone. The range is decent.

My one hangup is keeping them in my ears while I run or even walk around the house. Without the included accessories, they don’t stay in my ears at all. The controller is just too heavy, even thought it is light. (After using these, I see the genius in the wireless design apple uses.) The silicone ear hooks, clip and cord holder are obviously responses to common complaints and they do a decent job. I’ve found that clipping the clip in the middle of my shirt on my neck (instead of on the side) with the cord clip on the side to keep it from slipping keeps it best in place while running. They seem to be okay with sweat, and today I ran 8 miles in a steady rain, and they were fine (they were slipping out of my ears on the controller side, however). I think the cord holder could be redesigned to stay permanently on the cord, as it slips off easily after a few uses.

Overall, I would recommend these as good bluetooth headphones for the cost. I much prefer the apple shaped ear buds to the in-ear headphones, and these are a good alternative for the overpriced apple brand headphones.

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